Night Teer Hit Number (100% Sure Today) Daliy Success

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House ✅ Ending ✅
1>>>>>>>>>6 6>>>>>>>>>1
12,21,14,41 17,71,19,91
69,96,67,76 11,66,16,61
Night teer hit number

Today I will give the night teer hit number and the result will be you can play if you want to play with my night teer hit number.

What is the night teer hit number?

Hit number means if you make 32 numbers, then you make only 8 numbers with some other ideas, that is called hit number.

Also if you have some more formula you can reduce some more lumps with it also you wish.

I always post 8 guti and house ending daliy on my website and if you want you can see my previous results how are my results and if I say my result is 4/5 result in week first round and second round game fixed.

What is the reason for making hit numbers?

If you can get result result in hit number then you will gain a lot of money and you can play with much less money, your money will also be less and if you get 1/2 result in a week it will be fine and you don’t need it. Suppose you hit 1000 rupees in 8 balls then Judi result  80,000 will get Rs.

So you also try to get the result on hit number, also I give teer target every day on my website and almost time I get result if you want I have shillong teer, night teer, khanapara teer target every day from this  May my hit numbers and house ending formula are very few misses.

How many days my target result?

My result result 4/5 days in week house ending it miss very less and hit number result shillong teer 3/4 days first round second round and night teer not much but house ending night teer result much.

If you want visit korte paren and get result on my website also I have another website where I and another person post target name also results you can get my result daily from this if you want.