Shillong Teer 2 House Formula Fixed Result

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Today again I will give you a Shillong Teer 2 House Formula Fixed Result by using this formula you can make common number very easily.

You can use the formulas that I have given before but this formula is a little different and this formula will help you all your life.  Will show you a good way and this formula will last for life it will do so for life I have used it till date it has not failed me and daily results from this formula.

If you are an old player then you will be shocked to see this formula is very simple formula and this formula you can use. If you don’t understand how this formula works or doesn’t work, if you don’t believe, check the previous results, then you will understand.

What will you do inside the account you will see the result on your mobile phone that how the reserve is being made then you will calculate the calculations as I said if you don’t get the result first round or second round every day then you come to my comment and say that this problem is my result no.

I have been using the same formula since four years ago and I have been giving results to people sometimes three to four times a day and this is my record.  If no one has done this formula then what can I say if you don’t believe me then when I post you will see what formula I am posting using.

I always follow the same formula so I can be successful in this game and I can’t be successful in anything else but I can be successful in this game because I always use the same formula and I have made this formula very strong.  Totally understood if you research it all for a month then you will understand it all.

Shillong Teer Formula 1st

F/R: 41 S/R: 89



If you want to play shillong teer you should never forget this formula but without this formula it will be very difficult for you to win your game if you don’t believe in this formula then check the previous results then you will understand.

Shillong Teer Formula 2nd

F/R: 79 S/R: 48

Now we have to calculate in reverse



For today I think any formula like this you never share with you real thing do you know real some people don’t want to share because if you share then once all these things will be over but on my website I will share you all real things.  If you don’t believe me visit all my posts and you will understand how much real I give for you

The formulas that I have given you and the targets that I have given you are the same targets that I use myself. The house line formula that I have given you today is very good and works strong and as shillong teer formula this house formula is 100% working.


Today I have shared with you two Shillong teer formulas that if you use the formula then you can win very easily from the Shillong teer game because I have been using these formulas for a long time.