Shillong Teer Hit Number Today 100 Sure [Fixed]

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TargetShillong Teer Counter
Ending —–✅4×9×3×8
Hit Number13,18,63,68
Hit Number34,39,84,89

Shillong Teer Target

Congratulations to all of you yesterday I gave you target my teer target was successful house and success and Ending also successful.

This is how I share daily target with you and my target is daliy result like my target if you check previous results you can see shillong teer my hit number and house ending is daily success.

shillong teer hit number and house ending i have fast round and second round result four to five days a week its 99.9% i assure you.

Because I have changed the formula with which I used to make the hit number, so the result will be a little more from now on, so if you follow my target a little more from now on, then you will benefit a lot.

Shillong teer hit number
Ending Line

I am a very old shillong teer player so I understand how shillong teer are giving results and after my many recharges I got these formulas so I can make the hit number and house ending.

Shillong Teer Result Shooting Time

All the results of this game are given at the same time and their result system is first round result time is 4:15 PM and second round time is one hour after 5:15 PM.

Shillong Teer game runs within a rule and it is a licensed govt game that has really fascinated a people and people get a lot of fun from this game.

All the results are given live and people make videos of them on Facebook and YouTube in different places and their results updates and videos are posted on YouTube.

Every day they are given the result, suppose you gave the first round recharge and they will give the second round result after an hour like this daily their result is given in the same name and every day the live result is given and the result is given in front of everyone.

Shillong Teer Booking Number

I always post booking number every week on my website and results are good and last week I booked two of them which resulted in second round.

Today I will give you the booking numbers which you will put in one week and see your fast round or second round result if you like to play then play if you don’t then don’t play I am sharing target with you just for fun I like it.

Booking Number –
08.08.2023 To 12.08.2023

Booking Guti (03,47,89,63)

If you like it and if it matches your target then you can play it if you want I just gave you my target and attitude from my calculation if you like it then you play it else don’t play it.

This is just from my calculation it’s not inside my 99.9% pigs only I just gave you a target that someday you may get results you want my target so I shared with you and if you like then comment if you have any problem.

Shillong Teer Making Number

How you can make Shillong Teer making number I will talk about this with you maybe you will like it if you want you can make making number yourself very easily.

To make shillong Teer making number you must need house ending formula otherwise you will have problem to make making number.

For that you need to know Shillong teer house ending formula then you can meet hit number for this I have posted a post on my website for house ending formula you can see that formula and you can make making number by yourself.

Also you will make a formula like shillong teer from which you will make house ending formula then your main game will be you will make 8 guti with my formula and your formula then only you will see your second round starts there will be chances four to five days a week.

Shillong Teer Hit Number Today 100 Sure

Today you can play 2 Guti hit in particular (18×44).

The target I have given you today, I am 100% sure, the target you play, you will surely understand that the result will be done.

Because like all times today my target is very strong, the teer hit numbers that I have given you will play a little less and the house or ending that I have given you is the most sure, the chances of getting results are very high and the results are getting every day, you will play my target every day.  Hope you can benefit

If you want you can play these two numbers by hitting a little you will play fast round and second round I hope it will be one round it is my hope and desire.

I always try to give you very good targets and make you profit but I get a lot of fun from it and I like the results so I share the target with you. I don’t have much profit in it. You don’t pay me and of course you.

If the result is there then you can tell me in the comment brother I got my result today thank you so much you can say something like this.

I will be motivated and try to give you more good targets and everyone will be fine. That’s all I’m saying and you must visit my blog and thank you so much for reading the blog post today.