Shillong Teer Hit Number Today 100 Sure

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Booking2 Week
TopicShillong Teer Target
Hit Number40,45,60,65

How To Play Shillong Teer Game?

Shillong teer hit number if you want to get result then you must follow two rules then you will have chance to get that every day and three to four days in a week you can win first round second round.


You don’t need power to be Irwin, you don’t have a head brent that brent will be very useful if you want to win this game.

I have been working in shillong Teer Association  for four years now till date I have learned a lot how to make shillong teer  House ending,  how to make shillong teer hit numbers and many more.

Apart from this, I always update them on my website, especially my most popular game is Shillong teer, so I always update this game and I can match its results very well..

If you want to play Shillong teer game, you must follow some rules, through this I am telling you all the rules of Shillong teer, how to play Shillong teer.

What is Shillong Teer?

Shillong teer game is an Indian archery based teer counter game where the result is given by teer tune and this game is located in Meghalaya and India, Assam, shillong.

This game is very popular and has impressed people a lot so this game is very popular and this game is most played in India and Bangladesh and most played through India is Assam Bhutan and other places and most played in Sylhet region of Bangladesh.

What is Shillong Teer Result ?

How shillong teer result is given i want to talk about what is shillong teer result after clearing everything with you i will give you the formula by which you can win with your result.

Now the question is Shillong teer Result Shillong teer is played inside a hundred numbers from which your two numbers only one number is given in the first round and the second number is given in the second round.

Shillong teer result time is now 4:30 PM and second round result time is 5:30 PM thus result is released daily.

This game is on for 6 days a week and the game is off for one day as their religious ceremony and all over the world this game Shillong teer is off and there are some other games that are on.

Every day they are given live result as you are telling you first round when diesel is given one number out of 100 number when result they are also given library water and their result update is given through different website youtube through internet.

The result is spread in different places and second round teacher is given after one hour after first round result second round result will be after one hour then you will also like the results and both results will be updated on your website.

Daily shillong teer result update my website if you want you can visit my website and get result update and shillong teer hit number house ending from where you can win from game easily.

Teer Counter Hit Number

Daily Shillong teer counter hit number result is given on my website if you want you can take teer counter hit number reject from my website and daily fixed result will be 99.9% sure I give

If you want, you can see my previous previous results, I have results every day, you can see all the results, and yesterday and the day before that, I have given the result, hit number and house, I have given the result success, you can see it if you want.

I am a shillong teer professional teer target man, my shillong teer hit number never miss.