Shillong Teer Hit Number Today

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Through this post you will get daily Shillong teer target and I give daily update of Shillong teer hit number today and 4 guti result and house line which will have 100% sure chance of result.

Daily Update Shillong Teer Hit Number

Hit Number10,15
Hit Number13,18

I have a happy news for you in my website I post Shillong teer hit number daily together with posted shillong teer house line where daily result is very happy news for you.

I will show you a beautiful calculation. If you have played within seven days, if you can get the results correctly for 5 days, then you will have a lot of profit by playing this game. If you stay and think that I will play less then you won’t get results so you will lose.

That’s why I am giving you a good solution that you visit my website every day and play these posts how I post, apart from this I share with you sometimes good formulas which save your time so that you don’t come to my website but still you the formulas You can calculate the common number by yourself by looking at the system I am providing on the website.

What is Shillong Teer Game?

Shillong teer is an archery more fixed counter game developed by khasi hill archery agency can say Shillong teer association, this online game is becoming very popular and will be more popular in the future and people are very addicted to this game because this game has fascinated people with their systems.

Honestly the system of this game is different and very good and this game is a licensed official game which is given live every afternoon first round and second round result is given live for everyone and you can watch it at home through mobile.

As far as I know and do this game is very fun game and you can play this game only for fun don’t think of it as your profession you can enjoy it just to waste time nothing else you don’t do anything else then your problem may be.

Where is Shillong Teer Game Located?

This game is mainly located in the city of India and it has different provinces such as Meghalaya and Shillong where this game is mainly present.

This game was originally released as Shillong teer and this game is popularly known by the name of the people and they also have another name which is Meghalaya teer they are also known by these two names.

One of the meaning of this game is called archery means throwing arrows and then the result is given by counting the number of arrows from there, those above 500 will be your direct single number.

Shillong Teer Result Time

Shillong Teer Result Time is 3:45 PM First Round Result India Time and 4:45 PM Time for their Second Round Result

Many may say that it has many official websites or there may be nothing like that, they have no official website or Facebook page, they are only shown live, nothing else..

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