Shillong Teer Hit Number Fr Sr Today

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Date: 25.05.2023 To 01.06.2024


House Line====9-8-5-2 Fixed B/S
Hit Number >>>24,26,74,76,44,46
Hit Number >>>94,96,13,31,36,63
1 WeekBooking Number
Unlimited Hit 24,26,74,76
Unlimited Hit 38,83,33,88

What Is Shillong Teer Hit Number Fr Sr Today?

shillong teer hit number , fr sr This means that the round of the game is understood. I will try to explain you well like suppose fr/sr means first round SR means second round this is how it is understood.

What happens if you play first rounds and what happens if you play second round? Of course there is a reason in it if you get result in fast round one system and if you get result in second round it is another payment but if you can get result in 5th round then you can get a little more money.

If you make teer hit number then you must use some tips to win like you play first round and second round you must make some good tricks then play.

What Is FC Shillong Teer Hit Number?

Suppose we call first round second round and call it FC for short. And basically FC means first round second round if you also tell someone that you will play FC hit numbers today then should it be understood that you are talking about playing your personal second round.

So many people say fc means first round second round should be played in 2 rounds.

FC Number is Better?

I think rather than playing one round, if you can get to know the systems that are in the fast round second round, it will be a lot better because many times a system doesn’t work.

So you would system such that your fast round is the second round I mean I mean the FC teer results like round two.

Really much better system to play in fc like another game is spoiled by bus round second round this system is very bad system, suppose you played fast round but didn’t win then you lost a lot of money now if you don’t play second round  You have a chance to lose if you have to play a second round for the result.

That’s why I tell you to always try to create a formula that results in your first round second round 2nd round then you won’t need anything else to win the game.

For this you can use best way like shillong teer official with club chart four from there your chance of first round second round 2nd round is very high.

Also you can like if you say fast round which recharges that formula you will only use first round and second round formula is only second round you can play like this then it will be good.

What Is Shillong Teer House Ending?

If you can’t make a hit number then the house engine looks at a big system to play like house is house if you get 61 then house is 6 and ending is 1.

So house ending formula is very important for you, you must make a house inning formula well if you are writing this answer then you must need it and if you think for limited time then no need to bother so much.

Because to make a formula you have to do a lot of trouble like it may take a lot of time and you have to wait for a month or two then maybe you can make the formula.

But if you accept it as your business then you must make the formula and you start from today and start writing the previous results of three months in your account and after the results analyze how the results are.