Shillong Teer Result House Ending Fixed Formula Daliy Working

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Today I will give you a good formula for Shillong Teer Result House Ending Fixed Formula Daliy Working by which you can take house ending daily also you can also take common number by making daily.

The formula that I am going to give you is this formula you are all over youtube or no one has shared you before this formula is really amazing and I have been using it for 4-5 years so far I have not lost any time with this formula and you will also lose no time no, it’s my guarantee.

shillong teer game i play from today four years back before i used to play from people and lose a lot of money but i won i made formula by myself and i keep trying one day i started watching shillong teer formula and i made formula well  Since I can I give people and people are impressed by my game and give money this is how my day goes I am not an arrow player but I give people what makes me happy so I don’t have a very good system and my formula is very good my daily  I guarantee you the formula will result because you don’t know what my formula is without me.

Shillong Teer Formula Daliy Working


F/R: 82 S/R: 22

8 √
House/Ending___8/3 Fixed

Shillong teer best formula if you want using this formula you can win from the game very easily also if you use this formula you can take daily result with very less amount it will happen once you understand the system and it will take you a little to understand  It will take time, try to give it a little more time.

What I share you should not share with others I shared Shillong teer target what target is inside Shillong teer house ending chart then there is house line I also share with you chat number from where most two three days of afrs that  No one else will give you these opportunities from any round rresult.

Because brother, I was playing Shillong teer once, I lost a lot of money, then I stood by myself, then I made a stone and the formulas that I will give you, you will recharge and make yourself stronger. Maybe you understand me.  On the website I always give you good target Shillong teer target Khanapara Teer target I will get you update and result daily.

How To Using Shillong Teer Formula?

I have given you the formula but it is very important for you to know how to use that formula so I will tell you in detail how you can make Shillong teer common number with this formula and also if you play this house ending then how to play that  I am telling the system very easily.

Fast you have to do one thing, you have to understand the formula that I have given you well and you have to calculate according to the previous result that you have and see what the house ending is, and after everything is out you don’t mind which side then you have  Pay attention to the fact that the formula will be there. Other people can say that you can have this result, but only those who know what the result will be, no one else knows.

After getting the preliminary results in your hand, you will write down the house in India that you will have in a book and you have to wait for a while when it is twelve o’clock your common number board will come Shillong then you have some work to do.

From 11 pm or at 12 o’clock you will be given an update on some common number polls that update will contain 3 direct numbers and the 3 numbers outside the direct numbers will be your fast round house line.

Match the house line with your house ending match or the 16 number you have made to make hits and discard the ones that are left out.


In this post of mine I have Shillong teer with a formula just for your benefit and this formula is 100% working I have been using this formula for almost 4/5 years and till now I have no eyelash.

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