Shillong Teer Target 100 Sure Hit Number Today

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Blog titleShillong Teer Hit Number
House Line0×5×1×6
Hit Number13,18,63,86
Hit Number02,07,52,57

Shillong Teer Target Today

Congratulations to all and I gave you target yesterday teer hit number and house ending success daily my success and tomorrow. I give you hit number and house ending daily and my target weekly 4/5 days FR/SR success is my guarantee.

Shillong Teer Open Post

I post hit number and hit guti open, On my website I do open post every day on hit number and house ending other topics I do open post if you want you can see open post for free and get house ending number from my website just visit.

I provide only shillong Teer target on my website, From 6 days a week you play and one day they religiously have the game off and 4/5 days out of that day I have a result fix.

My calculation miss is very less my calculation making hit number are my making these two and house ending winning two in this my result first round second round total.

What is Shillong Teer Game?

Shillong teer is a popular archery based teer counter game located in India and Meghalaya and most played within India is Assam and most played in Sylhet region of Bangladesh also most played within two countries and this game is an international game and this game is an official game.

The game government has given their permission this game is given live every day and this game has impressed people a lot and is a very fun game.