About me I will try to detail I am a student and I am a village student and besides studying I calculate shillong target and from today I am following it. I have learned almost a lot from this game playing this Genji way how their formulas and how they calculate I have learned a lot because I didn’t know anything before. I’ve been in this game for a long time, almost five years, I haven’t written since before, I used to play by myself and lose a lot.

But now I don’t play it myself, I do business, so I have a lot of profit and my water is almost four to five days a week in my house and results. In the first case I lost a lot of work and money from this game. Now I do business on Facebook and different places and my target pays me if they get results. I especially post 8 guti daily and after result they give me money and my result is done almost in no time.

What do you do?

About Of Me!!

Shillong teer Association and I have been working on the project for a long time, many people are working with me and we have achieved success. If you want, you can see our success with us. And basically I am a student and I do this along with my studies and I earn money from it.